Rest service call from Angular App | How to Integrate Angular with Spring Boot via REST API

Hello there,

In this post, we are going to integrate Angular 2+ (Angular 7) application with a Spring Boot application via a REST API.

Nowadays it is a good practice to decouple your front-end and backend applications by using Rest API. So let's have an example for that.


Here you may find the codes :

First things first! 

Create an HTTP Service to centralize communication. 

Mapping the JSON to your Custom Class 

Now create a model for the JSON object

Check if the object is ready for the front-end (HTML)

For this example, you can check if the object is null or not.

That's it! You've successfully integrated your spring boot application with your angular application. 

For the I've just created a spring boot application with a rest controller to provide a list of Stock object. Here is the Stock object

You may find the whole back-end Spring Boot application with REST-API here :