Step By Step PL/SQL Tutorial ( First Step )

Where to Start ? 

Download TOAD. You may use this link or this link.
Download Oracle Client. You may use this link or this link.

How to install oracle client and toad ? And how to use toad is another subject.. Maybe another post..

First PL/SQL Function 

Open your toad , open an editor then write down ;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION funct_user_source_count
   dummy NUMBER;
   SELECT  count(name) INTO dummy FROM user_source;
   RETURN dummy;

That's it ! Now you have your first function !

Now how to call your PL/SQL Fucntion ? 

You may call your PL/SQL Function from SQL like this ;

SELECT funct_user_source_count from dual
Congratulations ! You have accomplished your first step.

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