How to install an eclipse plugin by using update site ? Eclipse Helios.

In this post we are going to install a plugin to our Eclipse application. During this example we are going to use JBoss Drools Eclipse Plugin. But every plugin has the similar process..

We need an Eclipse IDE and a plugin update site link.

Open your eclipse, then enter the menu "Install New Software" . Help - Install New Software.

Install new software

Write down your plugin's name into the name field and Url into the Location Field.

Name and Url

Patient may be needed.. Or not :)

Choose Needed Ones...


Accept & Finish

While installing some plugins there may be this kind of warning. Say "OK" to it.

Maybe some more patient needed.. And maybe not :)

If the plugin asks for restart ; make it happy, restart the eclipse :)

That's it ! Now you are able to install any plugin you desire..

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